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Members cut

Just wanted to let everyone know that I completed the members cut. If you were not on this list, then you were removed from the community. If you are not a current member of Wilderness, I also removed you from the Current Animagus list, as well as removed those who were members of Wilderness but not on the Animagus list!

If you are still a member of HiH and would like to be re-invited to the community, please go here. If you are no longer a member (aka not on the list linked above), then you need to re-apply at your Common Room or platform_934.

Activity Sweep completed!

Everyone from the cut list who didn't re-register has been cut. (if I made a mistake, like cut you even though I shoudn't have, please tell me asap, ok?)
If you've been cut but would like your form back, you can re-register here.

Everyone else, yay you're still here \o/
Watch out for the Monthly Activity and the Scavenger Hunt to be posted in the next couple of days - so that you can put your active Animagus forms to good use :D

Activity Sweep

made by erzsebet.

Questions and Suggestions

We've been having some problems with the other questions post. We're not getting notifications for it and it's hard to catch new replies in the post since we don't. So for the sake of our sanity--and also your sanity since I'm sure waiting on replies forever is frustrating--we'd like a questions and suggestions post to be in Wilderness where we can track it properly.

So please direct all questions regarding Animagus and Wilderness here.

Suggestions are also welcome!

- Chelsea & Flo

Activity Sweep

Open Activity: Animagus Voting Discussion

Activity: Animagus Voting Discussion
Points/Knuts: Participation Only - 10 points/5 knuts (2 points for additional comments, 30 points cap)
Deadline: December 28th, 5pm UTC

We know that Animagus Voting can be a time-consuming, complicated thing, with so many animals and species to choose from and so many places to check. It can be especially hard when you really don't know much about animals at all. But it's really, really not that scary! We promise ;-)

So this activity is all about Animagus Voting! If you vote on Animagus apps regularly, tell us how you go on about it! Where do you start? Do you get a ~vibe from an applicant and then go off that? Do you look at their preferred weather or time of day? Do you take their appearance or pictures into consideration? And where do you look? Do you go to wiki straight away or do you know some animal resource pages we might not know about yet?
And if you DON'T vote for Animagus, if you've never tackled it before, tell us what kept you from it and what we could do to help you try it. If you're new at HiH, tell us what you WOULD do, maybe check out some apps for ideas.

Please make your initial comment at least 250 words long, so it can count for points. 10 points per initial comment, 2 points for any substantial additional comment (30 points cap). Don't forget to sign with your name & house! (you don't have to sign with your animagus form, since this is an activity open for everyone).

We know that voting can be intimidating (I didn't vote for Amimagus either at first, until I had former Animagus mod peyton07 help me through my first voting, which made it so much less complicated :D) and hope that this post will result in a lively discussion about how to vote on Animagus, what your different strategies are and what tips you can share. We hope that it helps you and that more of you will tackle Animagus voting in the future :D

(and don't forget to check out the current batch of applications here and apply your new-found voting knowledge that you will hopefully gain from this activity to them :D)